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microcosmos {The Concept}
Pi-Do Törns Marine Research offers scientists a flexible and convenient way to realise research projects in the North Sea and the Wadden Seas. Researchers can charter an ocean-going 10 m sailing yacht with an experienced skipper, a marine ecologist, or commission the skipper with a research task.

{The Project} Pi-Do Törns Marine Research was established in 1999 to allow marine research especially in tidal waters. The design of the boat allows it to settle upright on sandbanks and mud flats at low tide. This makes direct observations for example of the benthic over a period of several tides feasible.

A second focus of the project is Eco-tourism. People with a general interest in nature can charter the ship for an introduction into the ecosystems of the Wadden Sea. Main operational areas are the eastern and northern friesian wadden seas as well as the waters around Helgoland. Charter for projects in the Baltic and Mediterranean Seas or along the Atlantic coastline needs to be arranged well in advance.

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research {The Boat} The Pistoor-Dorudon (Pi-Do) is a 10 m sailing yacht with a steel hull. Two keels give the boat a low draught and enables the yacht to rest upright and stable on its keels at low tide. The boat is fully ocean going and allows easy handling with a small crew. A relatively large storage space in the stern of the boat is available for equipment like DREDGEN and KASTENGREIFER. Microscopes, laptops and similar equipment can be set up safely on a lab bench.

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{The Skipper} Detlef Hinz has a Diplom (equivalent to a master) in Biology from the Carl-von-Ossietky Universität Oldenburg, Germany. His thesis dealt with the effects of disturbance through iceberg-stranding on benthic communities of the Antarctic continental shelf.
Detlef Hinz Current research of Detlef Hinz includes the analysis of the consequences of commercial mussel-fishery on the communities of mussel banks and the effects of disturbance through ice-drift on benthic communities.

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1.300 Euro per week (max. 4 people)


  • Accommodation on board in cabins for 2 or 3 sleepers
  • Personal safety equipment
  • Zodiac
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Club fee
  • Introduction to navigation and crew duties

{Additional Costs}
  • Food and fuel 10-12 Euro per day
  • Travel to and from the boat
  • For convenient travel to the boat and to reduce garbage it is possible to order orange- or apple-juice, mineral water, beer and tea in advance

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